307 Main - The Rose Building

Nestled in Downtown Little Rock the historic Rose Building property at 307 Main Street has been completed.

The overall project will encompass both commercial and residential components, consisting of two restaurants in the building’s ground floor, as well as 11 apartment units, consisting of 10 residential units upstairs and one ground floor unit.

The two ground floor tenants are Allsopp & Chapple, a gourmet fine dining eatery by Executive Chef Bonner Cameron, and A. W. Lin’s, an Asian eatery by Mr. Andy Liu.

307 Main - The Rose Building

The Rose Building was named for Arkansas Supreme Court Chief Justice, Uriah Rose, who purchased three lots on the Peyton Block of Main Street in 1880. Justice Rose built two preexisting Rose Buildings, both destroyed by fire on the current location. The existing structure is a 1916 incarnation of the Rose Building built by Rose’s son. It is vastly different from the previous two structures. The two-story structure now displays a symmetrically massed Neoclassical façade, designed by George R. Mann. Mann was the architect who designed the existing Arkansas State Capitol and the Mann on Main. It was later home to retail users in the mid-twentieth century, two long-term tenants were Allsopp-Chappell, a local bookstore, and Moses Melody shop. It had a myriad of occupants by the later part of the century, one being Gold’s House of Fashions, in which the structure underwent a renovation.